The Developer
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Address: Opal Street, San Eusebio Subdivision Cadiz City / La Paz, Iloilo City
Department: Staff , IT Dept. , Web Developer
Major / Specialization: Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering (BSECE)
Specialization: HTML/XML/CSS/Java Web Development , Delphi/C++/VB/Basic (more) Programming
Specialization: Room and Sound Acoustics , Electronics , Photography , Computers , Anything IT related
School Graduated from and Year:
   Elementary    Philippine Normal University , Cadiz City      
   Secondary     Philippine Normal University , Cadiz City    
   College          Central Philippine University, Iloilo City


Nick Name: DOOM , Rhy , Chris
E-mail Address:
Birth Date: December 26 1981
Name of Spouse: Not Applicable
Name of Children: Not Applicable


"Patience is a Virtue"

"No Man is an Island"


"Stop and Breath a while, dont get too busy not to notice the little things,
dont get to comfortable where you are now,
dont be afraid of change for it is constant
and importantly dont forget the principle of PARALYSIS by ANALYSIS"


How do you define Life?

"Life is just a part of a long journey towards the END"


What do you believe are the characteristics of an ideal student?

A Student is honest, respectful, does not take education for granted ,understands that learning is for self, loves God above all else, respects their parents no matter what, respects others and obedient, patient, must have perseverance, and optimistic.

What do you believe are the characteristics of the ideal teacher?

A teacher should be happy that students are becoming better than he/she is.

A teacher loves to teach, and teaches not for money

A teacher understands the sentiments of students but is careful not making them too dependent.

Loves a good exchange of thoughts with students

Respects student to also earn respect

Shares All that he/she knows within the limit of the students capacity

Remembers that the noblest of professions is his/her