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Philippine Normal University

Negros Occidental Branch

Cadiz City




            The Philippine Normal University, Cadiz City Campus shall be recognized as Center of Excellence in Teacher Education in Negros Island.




The Philippine Normal University, Cadiz City Campus shall primarily produce high quality teachers and education managers who can directly inspire and shape the quality of Filipino students and graduates in this part of the country.




In pursuit of its vision, the PNU Cadiz City, Negros Occidental Campus shall:


  1. Offer quality and relevant pre-service, in-service, graduate and continuing teacher education programs
  2. Undertake research-based teacher-training programs, extension services and establish linkages with other institutions locally, nationally and globally;
  3. Conduct quantitative and qualitative researches aimed at improving basic teacher education curricula; and,
  4. Produce effective, efficient and empowered teachers who ill implement innovations in the delivery of relevant, functional and quality basic education.






  1. To produce academically competent, morally responsible, culturally committed, technologically skilled, and globally competitive teachers;
  2. To promote among teachers commitment to their obligations and professional growth and assist student to grow into responsible critical and creative individuals.
  3. To establish a research culture that could address crucial educational issues and concerns which will form the bases for curricular reforms towards quality instruction and capability building; and,
  4. To strengthen linkages with government and non-government institutions for networking program collaboration, and expertise sharing.




  1. To utilize recent pedagogical innovations, educational theories, and curricular trends in teacher education;
  2. To implement intensive teacher-training programs in the area of quantitative and qualitative research, scholarly writings, and technologically assisted instruction.
  3. To advance educational qualifications and promote specializations among teachers in the region.
  4. To produce high quality teaching materials that enhances instruction.