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1.     Pay SG, Guidance, Torch, SG, & Insurance Fees.

2.     Present the following to the Registering Table  and get Registration Form:

-         Receipts (SG, etc…)

-         High School Card ( F138)

-         Admission Certificate, original

-         Birth Certificate (photocopy)

-         Good Moral Certificate (original)

-         Medical Certificate

-         Recent Picture, 2 x 2

-         Letter envelope w/ stamp

-         Folder

3.   Fill-up registration form with  subjects to be enrolled and schedule of classes.

4.   Present registration form to the  Accounting Table for assessment of Fees.

5.   Pay assessed Fees to the Cashier’s  window.

6.   Present Official Receipt and registration form to the Posting Table for Posting of       payment made.

 7.  Proceed to the Registering Table for final verification and issuance of Class       cards.

8.   Check class cards and see to it that registration form was stamped       “Registered”.


1.     Get Student’s Evaluation Sheet from the Registrar’s Office.

2.     Pay SG, Torch, Guidance and Insurance Fees.

3.     Present receipts, clearance, evaluation sheet and letter envelope w/ stamp     to the Registering Table and get registration form.

4.     Proceed to procedures #3 to #8 for new students.