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ADMIN: 4931 - 333

REGISTRAR: 4931 - 103

CTL(Primary and Secondary School): 4931 - 332

ACCOUNTING: 4930 - 265

DOS OFFICE: 4930 - 257

RESEARCH: 4930 - 247

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Republic of the Philippines

Philippine Normal University System




            PNU is expected to raise the banner of leadership in teacher education with the call to produce “TEACHERS FOR A BETTER WORLD” through a RESPONSIVE AND PERFORMING PHILIPPINE NORMAL UNIVERSITY.




            The Philippine Normal University shall primarily provide higher professional and special instructions for special purposes and to promote research and extension services, advance studies and progressive leadership in education and other fields as may be relevant.

-         SEC 2. R.A. 7168




            The Philippine Normal University upholds the dignity of man which is the foundation of human rights, brotherhood, freedom and democracy. It is committed to the development of Filipino Educators, specialists and managers who are exemplars of academic excellence in leadership education.


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