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What is A FORUM???

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A Forum, in web speak, is a dedicated page where people could interact. The Principle is that once you become a member, you could State your own topic in a designated Forum and people with similar interest or knowledge of your posting would answer directly on that topic. Other Members could also contact you privately, much of this is like e-mail, but faster and have no fuss idea about it. A Private Message is done. No other member could see your Private Messages, only your public postings are visible. Other members could see your profile, that is why build your profile accordingly. Vulgar language is not allowed in the Forum, Any posting or messages the Site Admin may deem inappropriate will be immediately deleted. You could also report directly any misuse to the site admin. To know more PROCEED to the FORUMS and read the FAQ's. Feedback to the School, Questions and information requested will be answered directly to you or publicly.