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       The Five-Year Development Plan for Philippine Normal University Cadiz City provides in broad strokes, the desired future scenario along with strategies by which this scenario may be reached.  It attempts to translate our vision into concrete programs and projects to be implemented within a specific time frame.


      The consensual approach was used in the development of the plan which started in June 2004.  Heads of Academic and Administrative departments drew out their vision and mission in consonance with the University’s own.  The outputs of the series of conferences were synthesized / integrated into a draft plan.


      The draft plan was presented in a series of departmental meetings involving the members of each department.  The faculty helped through brainstorming sessions, until a consensus was reached.


      This Five-Year Development will be our guideposts as we attempt to bring the institution to new heights.  This broad plan will be translated into concrete action programs and projects which must be constantly monitored, modified and updated.


      This dream of a desired future scenario would require cooperation and teamwork.  If this is sustained through the years, then we can be assured that the goals of this plan will come into fruition.